Apple Advice

Apples - Treat Them Like Eggs

The secret to keeping apples in prime condition is to handle them gently and to keep them cold. Apples bruise very easily, as do most fruit, and should not be squeezed or dropped even an inch. They should be refrigerated, preferably in the crisper so they will not dehydrate unless you like apples softer than they are at the time you purchase them. If that is the case leave some at room temperature. They will usually soften rather quickly.

Cellars and garages are usually cooler than the rest of the house but are not cool enough for good apple storage. We store them at close to 32 degrees F. However much below that temperature will freeze and ruin them. A good rule of thumb for apple storage is that for every 10 degrees above 32 degrees, the storage life is cut in half.

Apple Advice


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